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    Zhejiang Jiaxing Lu Wu Zero Energy Development Co., Ltd., is a set of energy development and energy-efficient production and sales of environmentally friendly products mainly joint ventures; is committed to building research and development, production and sales of specialized, standardized Industrial Company. Since its inception, have always believed that community to provide first-class products and services as the companys relentless pursuit of technology innovation and promoting Chinas energy-saving, environmental protection as the companys eternal goal of sustainable development.
    The company has a professional R & D team, and long-term with the Institute of Biochemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Petroleum Chemical Industry New Technology Development Institute, Nanjing University Institute of Applied Chemistry and domestic experts engaged in research in the field petrochemical industry to maintain close and cooperative relations. For the Chinese oil market, oil quality, the company developed the application of high bio-technology energy-saving environmental protection, energy-saving products gasoline, diesel oil energy-saving products, the engine strong anti-wear agents, repair, etc. a dozen products, and now owns a variety of professional and technical and various certification indicators.
    Zhejiang Jiaxing Lu Wu Zero Energy Development Co., Ltd., with its strong technical strength and excellent products and services covering all over the country mature sales network, and in recent years, in close cooperation with the United States Institute of peace of mind, to form a core competence in US cooperation in technology, so that product reliability, stability, reached the national standard.
    For the future, the company will always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation as the guide, a high degree of focus on customer needs, attention to the interests of partners, and continuously self-transcendence, to achieve honesty, trustworthiness, and common development principle, zero-Wu Lu caused China to play well-known excellence brand.


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