Fengchuan was established in 1991 when Chinese light industry made rapid progress.With the xpanding with Advantages to Service the Public Feng Chuan develops the garments manufactruring industry over 10 years and has got great achievements finally.FengChuan people none stop to keep foring ahead with pioneering spirit.The group has the management concept is ternal Service Everlasting so that we do has full of confidence to hold the chances from the constantly changing market.Striving to be anternationalization and Groupable modern enterprise is our finally job...
2008 to build the i¡­ [01-28]
March 8, 2008 Top T¡­ [01-28]
2008.5.12 earthquak¡­ [01-28]
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2007 Chinese New Ye¡­ [01-28]
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